This weekend, back at Virginia Beach, I sat on the edge of the ocean for hours, just watching the waves and letting them wash over me. For whatever reason, I realized that I have not been “casting all my cares” on God. I’ve been carrying them around, feeling responsible to change so much that I cannot, feeling the hurt of people I cannot help, putting pressure on myself to somehow be perfect, or at least measure up to what I perceive to be people’s expectations of me as an intern. Watching the waves’ constant rhythm, their fluidity and brevity, reminded me that when I bring something to God in prayer, I lay it at His feet and then release it. Like a wave that, after foaming onto the sand, quickly turns back into the water and is completely gone, my expectations and anxieties, my “problems,” are taken care of, final. In a sense, gone. The problems may not disappear, but my sense of responsibility for fixing them does because it is only through the strength that God provides, not my own, that I will be able to cope. In other words, I was reminded that the powerful God who created the awesome ocean with all of its majestic, surging waters is the same God who cares about me and rules the universe (which means, of course, that I do NOT! lol). I know it is no coincidence that the verse immediately preceding 1 Peter 5:7 says we must humble ourselves under “God’s mighty hand.” It would make no sense to cast our cares on God if He were not able to fully take them and give us strength to deal with them, nor is it possible to really cast our cares on Him if we have too high of an opinion of ourselves and our abilities as we will simply just attempt to fix everything on our own and be self-centered by being self-focused… I guess what I’m trying to communicate is that I should be making much more of an effort to release my feelings of inadequacy and self-focus and rather spend that energy reveling in God’s greatness and resting in His ability to accomplish His perfect will.