Heroes are made when you make a choice.
You could be a hero, heroes do what’s right.
You could be a hero, you might save a life.
You could be a hero, you could join the fight for what’s right…

-Hero, by Superchick

I’ve made my choice. I am applying to law school with the intention of getting my basic law degree (Juris Doctor) then going on and getting my Master of Laws in International Law with an emphasis in Human Rights.

What made me change me mind and exchange wanting to attend PhD programs in English Literature for wanting law school?
We need more heroes. Over 200,000 men, women, and children in North Korea are being unjustly tortured, starved, and murdered for crimes that are either not crimes or were not committed by the people being punished.
We are all standing back and just watching the Holocaust repeat itself. We get angry about the first Holocaust, blast Hitler and Stalin soundly from our safe history classrooms, but we are now as guilty as those living during that time who looked the other way instead of standing up to evil.

We need heroes. Heroes who join the fight for what’s right. Heroes who win wars one day of battle at a time.

I want to save a life, I want to be a hero.