In my heart there’s a canyon,
Deep as rift ‘tween church pew and door

But it’s long been crossed,
I had long thought it o’er

I had thought it was finished,
Knew there was more

But I don’t want to find it,
Don’t want to explore

I’ve depleted my sources,
My own selfish mind

I can’t think for thinking-
Thinking has made me blind

I try to run forward,
Hope in one desperate leap

My legs fail beneath me,
I crumble, a stubborn heap,

Still refuse to let Gravity
Me ground-bound keep

Just let me fly,
Let me be free!

I can’t accept merely being,
I want to be

But now I can feel
That my heart has stopped being

I have tried to become
More than I AM who was freeing

The One who secures me
Has been passed in the shuffle

I have passed Him, ignored Him,
His voice tried to muffle

He is standing here now,
Willing arms strong and able

I try to box the Unlimited in,
Distort the I AM with a label

He is absolute God,
I cannot resist

I accept His strong love,
Let His arms bear my burdens

Find balance in God’s will and mine,
And the sub in subordination