She wriggles along
Smoothly, with ease,
Her wet slimy skin
Impossible to seize.

Her words are like scratches
(they’re only skin deep)
I feel soothing caresses
(she’s playing for keeps).

She worms her way further
Under my skin,
Sucks out my life,
Endeavors to win.

I let her continue,
Don’t want her to stop.
I feel that she’ll cleanse me
But know that she’ll not.

When finally I surface
From warm, murky waters
I see her true colors:
The black bloody brown,
Her murderous mouth,
Each flattering word;
What I now see as poison,
My ears had misheard.

I try to untangle
The mess she has made,
But she just struggles harder,
Refuses to fade.

She wriggles along,
Slowly, with ease,
And I?
I wonder
why I’ve
Been such a blind