Yesterday afternoon, it stormed. Thunder, lightning, heavy rain, black clouds, ah! it was so delicious.

While standing atop a rock on a point of land jutting into Lake Bemidji, I was able to see the clouds behind me sweep across the sky. It was like a battle with no fight. The darkness just took over. Quickly.

It made me wonder if that is how easily I would surrender.

I love walking in rain. I think it is the complete abandon, the feeling that if I am to get wet, I might as well get soaked, that I enjoy. The spontaneity of storms or rain showers is also wonderful. 

The power that comes from feeling powerless is perhaps one of my favorite things about being in a storm. It is as if I become part of the wind and rain, a meaningless drop of water, yet I am somehow then more powerful than my normal self.

Hmmm.  I guess I just like puddle-jumping!

I want another storm