Ful welle  haf  I tryd to mastere the dreade mid englishe romances, but thei wyne evry tyme.

Ich wile seyen you for-wi:

Ich am sho, who bot in thaire faith es noght bot fabil,

ne for no manere of fayntise,

ne for no I denyd noght for-to rise

that I ne had resen had I it sene.

I am not exactly sure what I just said, but it should be something along the lines of  “I cannot fully understand nor repeat Ywain and Gawain.

And I had been thinking that Spenser’s Faerie Queene was difficult!

Actually, once I get in the right frame of mind, and begin to read out loud in my head, I am surprised at how much I can actually understand in Middle English as well as Spenser’s more modern English. I do actually enjoy reading it…if I have time enough to spend on it!