We need “open hearts, open minds, and fair-minded words” when discussing the issue of abortion.

But those who wish to prolong the “debate” over abortion are the ones wishing to still beating hearts, stop working minds, and unfairly silence the words of millions of children.

We need to find “common ground” on this issue.

How will that lead to resolution? The equator seperates North and South, it does not bring them together. Can there be any compromise when it comes to determining human life? The options seem pretty clear cut – dead or alive?  This “let’s hold hands and work together” nonsense is focused only on those people already living, with no regard to those not yet born, which is who the whole controversy centers around. But then, since those in favor of abortion often do not acknowledge the unborn as human, it makes sense that an admonition of this sort that focuses on the born living’s best interests will go over well.

“Is it possible for us to join hands common effort?”

What might that common effort be? One to improve the lives of those people already born?  Will there be any hands to hold?