Life is beautiful. No matter how ugly it may seem, life when lived with love, is beautiful.

The Italian movie “Life Is Beautiful (La Vita e Bella)” is one of my favorites. The irrepressible humor of Guido, and his incredible intelligence and child-like zest for life and imagination are certainly inspiring, as is his love for his family and his selfless sacrifice for them. 

This movie is truly great literature. It elaborately argues for love, joy, and the importance of imagination. Its finely tuned humor alternately makes me giggle or sob. I never escape a viewing of the film without crying tears of laughter and tears of grief. The awful totality of events leaves me with an extremely bitter feeling, but it is tempered by the haunting presence of Guido and all that he stands for.  Although he experiences horrific tragedy, he also lives with and enables joyful endurance. The film’s closing lines, ” We won! We won!” ring through my head. The knowledge that they have really won exhilirates me, but the cost of the winning causes me so much sadness. Simultaneously, I cry for  joy, anger, and grief. But that is what the movie’s strength is, how well it shows how inseparable our lives’ emotions are, and how grief can be conquered with joy, but happiness can also sometimes cause horror to be more understood. It makes clear how even though life may throw its worst, there is always something to be joyful about, because love makes anything bearable.

My ultimate response: Life truly is beautiful. If it is lived with Love.