I watched it snow last night.

As this winter winds down, I have found myself wishing for more snow and cold. Crazy, I know. It is a matter of defiance against time’s mad race. If spring comes, that means I have just lived through almost three and a half months of winter – but, it seems like it has only been a month since I was looking forward to a white Christmas.

Then, there is always that thing about school being close to finishing for the semester…

Yes, so I have recently begun to value snow more highly.  Being caught in a snowing is much the same for me as being suddenly transported to a little snow globe. My rushing world is stilled, enclosed. Made smaller but beautifully less familiar.  Whirling flakes create a fog of white color, nothing is as it was, and the rushing movement of the snow effects a sense of hushed suspension on earth.

If I am in my room when it is snowing, I drop everything I may be doing to simply watch the  brilliant battle out my window.  Down, down, over, down  – every one falls. Some appear to float, others speed,  a few simply drift along.

Out in the street, I see the snow fall in a little sphere of orange light.  All is dark, but I can see the occasional glimmers of snow parading past my look-out post. Only in the light do they appear fully.  Full, as an orchestra of silence, one player after the other, constant reinforcements, constant music.

Individually, they cannot invade the dark; they merely hide in it. But together, in the light, they can cover the whole darkness. Their silent song drowns out the noise to become a melody of quiet brilliance.