Am I willing to risk it?

To really love others, at my own risk?

It seems like people are forever talking about taking risks in love, mainly romantic love, but the risks they speak of involve mostly physical, sometimes emotional, risks in exchange for the reward of  either love, or what they perceive to be love. But to really risk everything, in exchange for nothing for oneself, this is love. The irony of course, is that when we do risk everything for others’ benefit, and not our own, we are benefitted most. But when done exclusively for the benefit it gives oneself to give to others, is it love? And, if it is not, can one receive the reward?

It seems so easy for me  to be willing to risk all for God, to risk it all out of my love for Him. But, while it is easy for me to be willing, it is not so easy to commit to actually risking it.

To risk having my pride trampled, being taken advantage of, becoming destitute, losing control, being a nobody – it all seems so easy to say ‘yes’ to in theory, but it is so easy to say ‘no’ to in practice.

I am reminded of  1 Corinthians 13: 4-7.

If one follows this passage and takes the “risks,” he or she would in effect take the risks of being late, being scorned, being ignored, being cheated, being wronged, being hurt (physically and emotionally), being lied to, being stepped on, being overlooked, etc.

But, if one does take those risks, he or she would be able to have the “most excellent way.” It certainly is worth it. So why don’t I take the everyday risks more? Is my own selfishness really so powerful?

I say I am willing to risk it all, even my life, for Christ. But when it comes to daily taking up my cross and following Him, and so loving Him and others, does my willingness show?